Sealaska 2014 Annual Meeting Sets New Direction

Anthony Mallott officially begins as President and CEO

Sealaska’s new president and CEO Anthony Mallott assumed his role at the 41st annual meeting of shareholders in front of 550 attendees, with 160 additional shareholder households viewing via webcast. He clearly laid out a fresh direction and strategic objectives of his presidency and of the Sealaska management team.

"If today’s meeting isn’t proof of change, I don’t know what is," said Mallott. "We’ve heard from many people about what is expected of Sealaska, and the great news is that these are the things we’re already working on. There is tremendous strength in people coming together to accomplish goals under new leadership and direction."

Before being named President and CEO in May 2014, Anthony Mallott worked for eight years as Sealaska’s treasurer and chief investment officer and prior to that spent almost 10 years with Bank of America. He earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University. He is Tlingit, Eagle, Tsaagweidí (Killerwhale) Clan, as well as Koyukon Athabascan, Caribou Clan. His Tlingit name is Gunnuk.

In addition to naming the new president, Sealaska recognized the long-term service of retiring President Chris E. McNeil Jr., retiring Executive Vice President Rick Harris, former Director Byron Mallott who did not seek re-election to the board this year, and Director Albert Kookesh who is retiring as chair but will remain on the board.

Sealaska shareholders voted on one resolution and elected four directors for three year terms. The resolution to limit the use of discretionary voting on the Sealaska proxy failed to meet the standard required for approval. It needed 999,940 votes to pass but only received 555,242 Yes votes. The resolution received 574,115 No votes.

Edward Thomas, Sidney Edenshaw, Rosita Worl and Ross Soboleff were elected to serve as Sealaska directors for terms that expire at the 2017 meeting. There were 1,892,745 shares voted, representing 63.7% of outstanding shares of Sealaska voting stock.

"I ran with Carlton Smith, Margeret Nelson, and Karen Taug to bring positive change at Sealaska" said Soboleff, newly elected Sealaska director. "We would like to thank our supporters, and we have just begun a positive process."

The board of directors elected Joseph Nelson to serve as board chair and Jacqueline Johnson Pata to serve as board vice chair at a meeting following the annual meeting. Sealaska officers were renewed by the board including: Anthony Mallott, president and chief executive officer; Terry Downes, chief operating officer; Doug Morris, vice president and chief financial officer; Jaeleen Araujo, vice president and general counsel; and Nicole Hallingstad, vice president communications and corporate secretary.

"This meeting was amazing," said Alyssa London, Sealaska’s newly appointed board youth advisor for 2014-2015. "The place was full of positive energy with our shareholders coming together to visit with each other, and with the corporation. The theme of pulling together from Sealaska’s annual report was really clear in the spirit of the room."

2014 Annual Meeting Election Results
Edward Thomas677,440
Sidney Edenshaw674,874
Rosita Worl674,447
Ross Soboleff508,216
Michael Beasley472,611
Myrna Gardner390,509
Ralph Wolfe244,425
Carlton Smith206,829
Margaret Nelson156,551
Karen Taug151,966
Michelle McConkey137,691
Will Micklin112,261
Edward Sarabia Jr.102,166

Sealaska, Values In Action

Sealaska is the Regional Native institution established under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA). More than 21,600 tribal member shareholders of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian own Sealaska. Sealaska’s purpose is to strengthen our people, culture and homelands through values in action.

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