Sealaska President and CEO Annual Meeting Presentation

Anthony Mallott delivers first speech to shareholders

Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott began serving in his new capacity at the June 28, 2014 Annual Meeting. Mallott discussed Sealaska’s strategic plan that has been guiding the company since December 2012 with the more than 550 attendees and 160 shareholder households joining via webcast. Mallott also shared his vision for the future of Sealaska.
Excerpts from Anthony Mallot presentation
The board felt that the 18 years of financial and investment experience I have was the right background to lead us into the next stage of our operational growth and increased profitability through acquisitions.
Being profitable before ANCSA 7(i) is a true short-term goal of our strategy. At this point we’ve focused on cost reduction and restructuring our operating entities, which are both keys to our strategic plan, but to become profitable before 7(i) we need to make new operating investments or acquisitions.
A very important step in fulfilling our strategic plan is securing our final land entitlement. Sealaska still does not have the total acres promised to us under ANCSA, and we have worked tirelessly to get final legislation passed by Congress on our land selections. We’ve gotten closer this year than ever before in the progress on our lands bill, but Congress has been locked in partisan battles and very little legislation has gotten adopted.
We need to create a sustainable southeast business and economic development unit. Haa Aani LLC will be a key in this effort, but it also includes planning for the successful completion of our lands bill in Congress that will allow us to create a long-term sustainable natural resource platform. This platform should include a sustainable timber harvest plan, mineral development done in an environmentally sensitive manner, and other innovative uses of our land base.

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