Sealaska Partners for Fish Habitat

A new group has formed to collaborate on fish habitat. The Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership (partnership/SEAKFHP) was formed in the spring of 2014. The partnership represents communities, governments, tribes, landowners, businesses and nonprofits.

“Sealaska is one of many stakeholders in the region who care about our natural resources including fish,” said Brian Kleinhenz (pictured below). “Collaborations like the partnership will ensure healthy fish habitat for all residents to enjoy.”

Benefits of the partnership to Sealaska

  • As stewards of the land, Sealaska invests in science and research.
  • Sealaska is interested in development of natural resources based on science and research. Networks like the SEAKFHP can broaden the availability of scientific research.

“We are thrilled to have Sealaska join and look forward to working closely with the region,” said Deborah Hart, Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership coordinator.

SEAKFHP works towards

  • Growing diversity and capacity of the partnership
  • Developing organizational strength and perseverance of the partnership
  • Providing services to SEAKFHP partners and Southeast Alaska communities
  • Developing regionally relevant fish habitat conservation strategies

The SEAKFHP is part of a larger national effort. The Alaska chapter will hold an Alaska Chapter gathering in Juneau on October 20, 2014. A fish film festival will be held in conjunction.


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